What does it mean to be a mother in the "modern age"?

As my baby and I enter our third trimester, I have been contemplating what it means to be a mother. What is means to bring life into this modern world. Eventually, my thoughts turn to the great fabric of life - where we all play a part.

Each one of us is woven from a rich history, generations of people that came together, knit their destinies as one and created life. Our lives are a tapestry of people stretching back into time, while we simultaneously press forward - building upon the legacy and actively participating in life. Linking our history/s together - shaping the world we see today and the future of the world to come.

This thing we call family, society and culture belong to us all - we are the patrons. We are responsible for it's health. Let us hope we are indeed crafting a beautiful life, mending the tears along the way and building stronger ties in turn. I have strong faith in the inherit goodness of people and as a soon to be mother, I hope that the legacy my child finds is a good one. A strong foundation he can build upon for generations to come.
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