The number one Feng Shui rule everyone should follow

The best thing I ever did (other than marry my husband) was take control of the clutter in my house.

The number one Feng Shui rule everyone should follow: Simplify. Get rid of the stuff you don't need, want or use.

I have alway been fascinated with Feng Shui and the book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston changed my life. Seriously. Have a garage sale, donate your items to charity, but whatever you do: stop holding onto to things because "maybe I'll need it one day".  The truth is: you won't.

We surround ourselves with stuff for a variety of reasons, but this one peccadillo is causing more harm than good. Ask your self, why you are holding onto all the stuff you don't use, need or want. Take a hard look at how the clutter makes feel and decide to take control once and for all.

Even if you don't believe in Feng Shui, I guarantee you will feel better once you eliminate the clutter from your life. There is never a better time than the new year to make a fresh start....or at least save on organization bins from your favorite box store.

Remember: less is more. Start slow and only surround yourself with things you love or make you feel good. Free up that stagnate chi energy and experience the transformation for yourself.

Here are the signs it is high time to clean up your act.

All images & content by: Elizabeth Aley
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