Striped Painted Wall :: Our Bedroom

While fumbling through my photo heap in Dropbox, I found this picture of our bedroom circa 2012.

Honestly, not a whole lot has changed in the room. We still have those light gray and white striped walls, the four poster Ikea bed frame, the Pottery Barn medicine lamps, the slip covered night stands and the antique French chairs. Every season, I still I fill our tall vases with fresh branches and bring the outside in.

That furry pillow, our cat Biscuit, has since passed away. It was the picture of him that stopped me on this image. I never shared this image before. At the time, I didn't think the bedroom was up to snuff. Looking at it now, I love it and realized I must be doing something right, if I have barely changed a stitch in the room. Still wish I had that furry little pillow, though. I miss that boy.  
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