Home in Portland

The view from our balcony

My husband Rob and I are thinking about moving. We have called this place home for 8 years and for all of my house/baby lust, the truth is I don't want to leave. If and when we leave, I know I will cry. Rob and I built our family here.

I was told never to get emotionally attached to "property", but I just can't manage that, so I haven't even tried. I pray that even when we do move, we can keep it. Rent it to a nice couple with cats and come back in our old age. 


Patricia said...

I'd love to move too. Been here for 30 years now and we need to downsize now that my children have fled the nest (17 and 10 years ago now). But, the man indoors isn't ready to move yet as he wants to wait until he retires. The problem is though I want new furnishings, re-decoration, changes etc - so do I hang fire and wait or will I carry on regardless! I'm a very impatient person so I know what I shall do. I expect I'll be sorry when we do move as you say this is where we brought up our family. But I think a change is as good as a rest.
Patricia x

Kay G. said...

If I can't live in a church, I would love to live right beside one!
Happy New Year to you!