Catch of the Day

Harvest is my favorite time of year. The flower market is spilling over with beautiful treats and the bounty of the season is ripe for the picking.

I pouched these limelight hydrangeas form my Mother's garden. Nothing like fresh caught flowers.

Cheers to a bountiful Autumn...


Jan said...

Fabulous! Jx

Kay G. said...

I truly love dried hydrangeas and I love that photo of you with those giant mopheads!!

Hey, I have a Youtube clip on my last post of my son in his new band, The Sevens.
I would LOVE it if you could look at it and leave a comment. My son is need of some positive feedback!

Librarian said...

Autumn flowers are so beautiful! Every morning on my way to work, I pass a garden with dahlias bigger than my head. I would love to take a picture of them but am not sure how the owners would react if I were to stop in front of their house to take pictures.

Patricia said...

Oh they're gorgeous. I only have a tiny bush in my garden and daren't pick the flowers otherwise there'd be none left!
Patricia x