White Houses with Black Shutters :: Classic Colonial Revival

White House with Black Shutters
This weekend I wandered around the West Hills of Portland, Oregon and like a tourist in my own town, took pictures of family homes in Portland's highest tax bracket.  

White House with Black Shutters
I was struck by the sheer number of white homes with black shutters in the neighborhood. A majority of these homes are marked with Colonial Revival traits.

White House with Black Shutters
A Colonial Revival home is characterized by symmetry, crown pediments, columned porches, paired chimneys, a front door flanked by narrow windows and topped by a fanlight window.  

A white house exterior accented with black shutters feels a bit like Leave It To Beaver, and while I have never actually seen that 50s television show, to me that simply means classic American charm. 

What type of house is synonymous with classic American charm in your opinion?


Meeling said...

Looks like a fabulous neighborhood. Personally I love the clean lines of some of the mid century 50's & 60's bungalows. They always pull at my heartstrings for some reason. :-)

Librarian said...

These all are very handsome houses - I wouldn't mind living in one of them myself!

Eric Forsberg said...

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