Red, White and Blue Bungalow

Red, White and Blue house, Bungalow Style home

Don't you love this little Portland Bungalow?!

I am completely in love with this shady porch laced with Wisteria (currently not in bloom). Can't you just see yourself shelling peas, knitting a scarf or some other matronly grandma approved activity on this porch? 

I found this darling little Bungalow on a summer stroll. These late Summer days have been particularly fine in Portland. Walking around different neighborhoods in town and "window shopping" for homes is one of my favorite hobbies. Taking out the camera and snapping a few images is new ground for me. It is hard not to feel like a goon or a creepo, but I am just going for it.  


Meeling said...

Perfect! I too love wandering new areas to see the different architecture and homes in the different areas. I don't usually have a camera in tow, but it's not a bad idea!!

Librarian said...

It is very pretty, and I guess if anyone had come out of this house and asked you what you were doing when you took the picture, they would have been proud to learn that you liked their house enough to show it on your blog - of course without the proper address or name of the family who live there.
My preferred activity on that porch would probably be to sit there with a cat on my lap, a book in one hand and a drink in the other!

Patricia said...

Yes this definitely is the kind of bungalow that I'd love to live in one day. It's gorgeous and yes I can see myself sitting in the porch crocheting too. Thanks for Sharing.
Patricia x

Jan said...

That's a really sweet house. It's lovely to see some of your area of the world. Jx