English Revival :: Tudor Style House

English Revival / Tudor Style House

Dream house shopping again.

I have been admiring this house from afar for quite sometime. This English Revival / Tudor style house is two doors down from my parent's home. Many a time have I craned my neck into uncomfortable angles to get a glimpse of this classic beauty obscured from view by Evergreens and a protective wrought iron gate.

A few weeks back, an estate sale was advertised at the house and like a bouncing ball, I made my way over to the property to snoop around.  I was beyond excited to step beyond the veil of my imagination and take a look around.

As with the exterior, the interior is beautiful - better than I had imagined really, with masculine mahogany baseboards lining the halls, a cozy den tucked into the corner of the house that is just begging for leather armchairs and a glass of brandy to take up permanent residency.

Monumental fireplaces and dark ceiling beams made the space romantically moody. I wanted to fill it to the brim with overstuffed velvet furnishing, oil paintings,  English hounds and my very own "Mr. Darcy".

It sold for 1.6 million in a handful of weeks...so, just a bit outside my price range.  I didn't buy anything at the Estate sale, but I came home with my pockets full of dreams.

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