Artist Susan Venable's Santa Barbara Home

Venable & Vinick

The immensely talented Artist, Susan Venable lives in an Adobe of dreams in Santa Barbara with her saintly husband Charles.

By privilege of birth I am allowed admittance into this Californian paradise. Sue is my Godmother and not only is she dripping with talent, she has such a restless, sparkling energy that makes you feel alive when you are around her.  The home she shares with her husband is no different.

The Mystery Woman

Their traditional Adobe house is surrounded by huge Agave plants, Cacti and little creepy crawly lizards that catch the corner of your eye. It is complete paradise.

The Mystery Woman 2

 While I love my misty, evergreen, mahogany laced home in Portland, I would shed these professor sweaters and silk bow-ties to live in this magical place. No question.

Venable & Vinick Adobe





I bunked in the Studio for my stay and now I think I am *officially* ruined for life. I fell alsleep surrounded by Sue's monumental artwork, the smell of fresh oil and copper wire and view looking out onto the Pacific Ocean.

Susan Venable's Studio



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