Why Blog?


I have been thinking a lot about blogging. Not actually blogging mind you, just thinking about it.

When I started blogging - it felt like such a bold move. Like I was acting on a dare issued on the playground.

When I started blogging, my goal was to scare up a career and some dinero as a Florist.

That only lasted two years and when the bud fell off the vine, the blog morphed into something else entirely.

Over the years, I have written aimlessly about recipes, family occasions, prop style ideas, crafts and travel. All of it knitted together in a half hazard quilt. Today, it's practically my diary.

There are few things so self serving as a blog, so I have started to ask myself why. What is my end goal here?

I always liked show and tell in school - so that aspect has always appealed to me, but most of the time I hate writing (there I said it). I feel guilty when I don't write and when I do, it frustrates the hell out of me.

So, I sit at my thinking station, wondering where the path leads, knowing I need to make a decision.
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