Spring Flowers in Season for Easter

As the trees begin to bloom and the tulips sprout free from the slumbering soil, I am filled with a sense of hope. When the world wakes up from winter's embrace, I can't help but celebrate the return of the capricious muse that is spring.

The farmers markets are reopening, the bitter cold is receding from my boney hands, and the birds are playing hide and seek when I open up the office in the morning. Honestly, it makes me feel like switching to skipping as my main mode of transportation.

I dusted off these images from the archives, these are my favorite Easter flowers from the past few years.

Spring Flower Hat
[Easter 2011] Flowers hat made with ranunculus, dusty miller, lisanthus (and a lot of wire).

Ceramic Easter Basket with grass

[Easter 2011] White ceramic basket with wheat grass.

Let me get on my soapbox for a minute: Just say no to fake grass! Wheat grass is a darling, inexpensive, edible, safer option for your Easter basket. I mean the other stuff is ugly, messy and well plastic! The stuff should not be around your kids with food. Ahem, (stepping down off my soapbox), can you pass me a cold cloth? I am good now.

Easter Bunny with flowers

[Easter 2010] Table arrangement to match Spode dinnerware: blue bells, lillies, scabiosa, lilac, ranunculus. Vintage bunny that used to creep me out when I was little: lilies, ranunculus, sweet peas and lilac.

UntitledFrench Tulips, Roses, Dusty Miller and Eucalyptus. Being transferred to a party.

In season this March (2013 Easter or Passover):

Blue Bells
Magnolia Tulips
Cherry Blossoms

You'll see some flowers that are available year round from the flower market: Lisanthus, Roses and Lilies, Eucalyptus to mix in too.

Daphne, Camellia and Cherry Blossoms are always good choices that can be plucked right from your neighbors yard.

Happy Easter!

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