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Peace Wall Mural in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is a city infamous for political turmoil.

There is perhaps no better way to learn about the historic conflict than from someone who experienced it first hand. A 'Black Taxi Tour' provides an intimate look at Belfast through the eyes of a local and takes you to the neighborhoods most affected by the conflict.

As you may already know, Belfast was once on the no travel list. Which at the time was known as "the Four Bs" for travelers to avoid: Baghdad, Bosnia, Beirut and Belfast. Today, Belfast is a safe city to visit, but the battle wounds of the past have left a mark on the town.

Guernical Peace Mural in Belfast, Northern Ireland

A 'Black Taxi' Tour will take you on both sides of the "Peace Wall". A wall constructed to separate the Catholic neighborhood (considered IRA territory) and the Protestants neighborhood (considered Loyalist territory).

Murals and Graffiti on the Peace Wall and parks, tell a story that is heartbreaking and real.

On the Protestant side of the Peace Wall is this well known mural of the masked figure with a gun. It is a "trompe l'oeil" or "trick of the eye" mural. No matter where you are in the park, the Gun is pointed directly at you. It gives you an eerie feeling.

Loyalist Mural Belfast, Northern Ireland I recommend taking a black taxi tour if you find yourself in Belfast. It is only an hour tour, relatively inexpensive and intimate way to view the town.

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