Northern Ireland :: Carrick-A-Rede

Northern Ireland Coast, Carrick-A- Rede
Northern Ireland is my ancestral homeland.

My whole life I have anticipated a trip to the 'auld sod' and as we took the ferry from Scotland to Northern Ireland, a sense of calm settled over me.  This was the last country on our trip, the grand finale before our return back home.

Our first day in Northern Ireland, we took a day trip down the coastal causeway. 

Our first stop was Carrick-A-Rede, a rope bridge perched on the cliffs of Northern Ireland. Since it was the height of tourist season, we waited a cool 15 minutes to cross the famed rope bridge (and spent 5 pounds each for the pleasure). Fortunately, the view while we waited was one for the history books. 
Northern Ireland Coast

We were also supremely lucky to have sunshine and clear weather for our scenic trip down the Coastal Causeway.

Northern Ireland Coast, Carrick-A- Rede

Northern Ireland Coast, Carrick-A- Rede

Next stop on our journey, lunch at the oldest distillery in the world, Bushmill's.
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