Well of the Dead :: Culloden Battlefield

This stone marks the place were Chief Alexander MacGillivray died.

Culloden Battlefield lies roughly 5 miles outside of Inverness, Scotland. It marks the place were countless men lost their lives & where the Jacobite Uprising effectively came to an end in April 16, 1746.

Well of the Dead: the fighting was savage in this part of the field. The battlefield was boggy, cold & miserable. Soldiers climbed over the fallen bodies of comrades & enemies to engage in battle.


Mass graves are marked by stones with Clan names, some simply say 'mixed clans'.

These memorial markers were erected many years after the battle in 1881 by the land owner Duncan Forbes. Today, it is a field like any other, peaceful & lush. Locals were walking their dogs or taking a jog.

We came to pay our respects to those that lost their lives & remember. I couldn't help but say a little prayer for the past, present & future. May we find release from injustice & learn to resolve our conflicts in the world today.

Cumberland Stone at Culloden Battlefiled in Inverness Scotland. Today it is a Bus stop

A good walk east of the battlefield & visitors center is a massive stone that marks the spot where Cumberland directed the battle for the English. Though there was not a sign, the locals use it as a bus stop & so did we.  Surreal.

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