We are the Past, Present & Future

Endless ripples in the Ocean & the Sky.
We stand upon the legacy of the generations that came before us. And we in turn are building the future, while we create our lives.

We spin a delicate tapestry everyday. Little by little we are carving out the future, forging new bonds upon the foundation we have inherited.

Our collective ancestors, not just our family by blood, but all the people that help build our communities are responsible for creating our lives today. They contributed to our liberties as well as our problems.  

And like ripples in a puddle, these deeds, whether good or bad, get bigger & wider.  We are the water,  cresting with each wave as it rises and falls. We are the past, present and future. We are responsible.

"Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one." - Doc. Emmett BrownBack to the Future
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