Simisrhamn, Sweden

My Aunt's Swedish Cottage, Simisrahamn Sweden My Aunt Gun is Swedish & as a young girl I was fascinated by here homeland.  It seemed a bit like never-neverland to me. A far away mystical land that celebrated Midsummer by dancing around a maypole with crowns of wildflowers adorning their heads. The land of Vikings & tall blond women with perfect ski-jump noses.

My Aunt's Swedish Cottage, Simisrahamn Sweden Visiting my Aunt in Simisrhamn, Sweden was a dream come true & for all my musings as a child, I found Sweden to indeed be a fairy tale land.  Simisrhamn is a traditional fishing village with brightly painted cottages & cobblestone streets. It is so quaint that it is almost hard to believe that people actually live here. Half way through our visit I had to remind myself this wasn't some elaborate sound stage for the Truman Show.
 Swedish Cottages, Simisrahamn SwedenWhile we were in Sweden we rode bikes around town, I discovered that I love Herring, we checked out markings left by Viking...
Viking Markings, Simisrahamn Swedenbut mostly we spent time relaxing in my Aunt's courtyard.
Garden Courtyard, Simisrahamn Sweden
Ana cooking us Dinner in Sweden
Swedish Clogs
They really do wear clogs. Not all of my adolescent musings were false.
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