Botanical Gardens in Glasgow, Scotland

I can die a happy woman, thanks to the Glasgow Botanical Gardens. Yes, yes - I married my best friend in June & then traveled Europe for an epic eight week honeymoon.  But when it comes right down to it, my dreams came true in Glasgow.

No one could be more surprised than me.

While Glasgow is a lovely city & home to our darling Scottish friends, it was the Tropical Greenhouse at the Botanical Gardens behind my 'salvation'.  It filled me with a sense of peace.

The cozy warmth that wraps it's arms around you the moment you enter, the hundred year old trees that surround you, stretching over your head in the canopy above. I could have stayed there for hours & the funny thing is, Rob would have let me, lovely man that he is.

I can't really explain how I felt while I was there. I was in awe, star struck. It felt a bit like falling in love when I first met my husband - it just felt right. There was enough beauty to make your head spin. I just wanted to set up camp & live there forever.

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