Paris, France :: Versailles, France

Le Seine. Paris,  France

I wrote something about Paris & then deleted it. My first experience in Paris (when I was the tender age of 18) was not great.  I was robbed, I was on a diet of ensalad & coke-a-cola, the Louvre was closed. You get the picture.

This time was different. I have a husband. We made friends, the Lourve was open & well,  I am older (perhaps not wiser, but at least I was able to order something other than lettuce).  I won't go so far as to say that I fell in love with Paris - but we came to an understanding (you feel me?). The last trip is water under the bridge; now we have made nice & who knows, maybe the next time we meet, we can become lovers? Fingers crossed.
Lines at Versailles, France
Never ending line in Versailles.
Versailles MuralI want to recreate this bouquet in the mural at Versailles. Looks like something Saipua would do, so naturally I want to emulate it.

Palace Floor, Versailles,  France 
A rare moment "alone" in Versailles. 

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