In Bruges, Belgium

Have you heard of the movie In Bruges?  It's about two assassin's that hide out in Bruges, Belgium after a job, 'gone wrong'. It's a good movie if you are into that kind of thing. It's totally embarrassing to admit, but the movie was one of the reasons we decided to visit Bruges, Belgium.

Not because we are super fans of the movie or anything...the town just looked so beautiful, we had to see it for ourselves. How very American of us, right? Embarrassing reason aside I am happy that we decided to visit, it is an amazing medieval town & I highly recommend a visit. 

There are quite a lot of tourists in Bruges, but it is the type of town, where you don't really mind being a tourist. Kinda like Disneyland. There are so many tourist that it makes you feel like a regular citizen of the town. Plus, if you break away from the center of town, the streets are empty. Perfect for a peaceful bike ride or stroll.

We did all the normal touristy things in Bruges: we hiked up the bell tower, ate some delicious Belgium Chocolate (the rumors are true, they know what they are doing), drank the local beer, took a boat tour & rented some bicycles for an afternoon ride. It sounds action packed, but it was a rather leisurely trip. 

Here we are at Herberghe Dlissinghe's courtyard, the oldest bar in Bruges. It was established in 1515.

 And here I am with the 'Bar Dog'. I christened him 'Chuck'. He really took a liking to us.  I almost committed Dognapping, but decided against it. Wasn't sure how customs would react.

My favorite part about Bruges, was our afternoon bike ride. After all the bikers in Amsterdam, it was nice to 'feed the need' with a bike ride & to do it in a less hectic town. In Bruges, you can get lost & still only be five minutes away from the city center. This was one of my favorite places to visit, tourists & all. I hope one day to make a trip back.
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