Honeymoon/Summer Camp

I am a married Woman! After nine years of study, I have finally graduated with my MRS* (must be akin to a doctorate degree)! It feels good, it feels marvelous, it feels like the ceremony & reception went by too fast!

Alas, still no photos from the Wedding Day to share...

It's a funny story: our Photographer sent over the proofs two days ago & without realizing that the pictures were not done - I uploaded a ton to Facebook (and as a result, I got in trouble). So for now, Dear Diary, I will share my thoughts & pictures from our honeymoon. Once I have the final pictures from our Wedding day, I will share them. Pinkie Swear.

At the moment we are on day 20 of 56 of our honeymoon. We haven been to the following: Amsterdam, Holland - Bruges, Belgium -  Paris, France -Dubrovnik, Croatia - Korcula, Croatia & now we are in Prague, Czech Republic.  After a whirlwind start we are taking a nice breather before the winds of travel frenzy start up again. 

We are backpacking across Europe & for all the romance, it feels a bit like summer camp.  It's not just the occasional bunk bed or scratchy blanket that is reminiscent of camp. There is an element of education (touring the Louvre), relaxation (salty skin & sunburns after a long day in the Adriatic sea), gluttony (We did go to Paris, after all) & play (we always have a deck of cards handy for down time). 

Summer Camp always felt like an adventure to me & on a whole that is our Honeymoon: a big adventure.  The other side of the coin is that Summer Camp can feel like a never ending itinerary list. While that is fun, but I am also not 13 anymore & my left knee has taken about all it can muster for now.  

So today we slept in, went to the train station to buy tickets, bought food at the farmers market (darling of course), came back to our rented flat & I made spaghetti from scratch. That's it. Nothing fancy. It feels amazing.

It is rainy outside & I am drinking peppermint tea. Rob ran out to the pub around the block to see if he can catch any kind of sport involving a ball. 

It feels like home. Which is just what we needed.

Lots of love to all,

* I stole the term MRS degree from my mother. With a twinkle in her eye, she once joked that many a girl went to College to get their MRS degree back in her college days (in the late 1950's).
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