Happy Mother's Day

 My Mother & me (Circa 1986)

I have the world's best Mother. I love my Mom, but every time I try to express these feelings on paper they always fall short of describing the full character & expressive energy of my best friend. 

Wieden & Kennedy has a sign in their Portland office that says "Fail Harder" - so with that in mind I will try to describe my talented Mother, knowing as I do so, I will fail to capture her essence, yet again.

My Mom is remarkably talented. She gets 'it', she can see things other can not & works magic with her tiny little fingers. She is a self starter & founded two successful business (first as a caterer & later Resort Supply). While my Mother works hard in business, she does so without compromising her strong moral code. She infectiously friendly, the type of person that makes you feel special at first hello.

My Mother has always worked long hours, but without fail she would come home after a long day & make a knock out gourmet meal for the whole family. At the drop of a hat she will be there when you need her, no matter how busy she is managing her empire, she always let you know you are her priority.

I play the lotto, but in my mind I have already won the jackpot - in the parent lottery. If all the world's children could have a Mom like mine - I think we would have solved some major world issues.

I hope one day I will be able to show my own children that same love & attention that my Mother has shown me. 
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