Blue Ribbon PBR & Perfecting the Art of Living

I created this PBR logo a few months ago for fun. That's right, this is what I do in my spare time! Not that I have a lot of spare time these days. The last four weeks I have been attending classes, interning (at an amazing design firm: Needmore Designs), planing a Wedding (that is taking place in exactly two months) & keeping the house in a general state of cleanliness (I am trying)!  I have a very full plate right now, but instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel liberated!

Rob and I just finished premarital classes, which went really well. We walked away with a growing sense of understanding & love for each other. After nine years, it astounds me that we are still learning new things about each other, sharing stories we haven't already heard & deepening our bond together.  I am getting very excited to marry this incredible man!

My experience interning at Needmore Designs has been wonderful. It is a super positive design environment & I am currently working on a project that I am very excited about (Mums the word right now, but I will post the finished product when the day comes). I am taking a big step forward in expanding my creative horizons. I am loving it & I can't help but feel blessed in all spheres of life! 

While I have not perfected the Art of Living per se (because I don't live in a vacuum). I do, however, feel very grateful for all of these positive changes in my life. Plus looking forward to an EIGHT week honeymoon in Europe, certainly doesn't hurt matters.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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