Vikranth & Kristina's Wedding :: Portland Oregon

Winter Bridal Boutique, Photo Daniel Stark
{Photographer: Daniel Stark}

 A wedding bouquet that I did for Bride Kristina.  
{Made with Hellebores & Roses}

Hellebores are quickly becoming one of my favorite winter/early spring flowers. Well, this season. Former title holders include: Ranunclus, Tulips, Magnolia, Paper whites. (You get the idea). 

One of the things I love about floral design is that the muse is ever changing & you dance this soft ballet with different partners through the seasons.  Hellebores are the lady of the hour.

Hellebores delicate petals return year after year, regenerated from their strong root stock. Gentle flowers that come from hearty Stock & bloom in the winterWhen the rest of the garden is rather dormant, Hellebores are a sight for sore eyes. 

I have to salute these winter warriors, because it is cold over here (in the North West) & there is something so endearing about endurance. 

Winter Bridal Boutique,
Don't let go little girl. You got this!
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