European Honeymoon :: Summer 2012

Honeymoon Map Designed by Elizabeth Gilmore

Hooray!  More Wedding planning fun! 

Rob & I have dreamed of a European vacation for awhile & we are finally making it happen! Instead of registering for 'Housewares' for our Wedding we decided to 'register' for the Honeymoon of our dreams!

We are in 'plotting mode' right now.  It starts in Amsterdam (Portland has a direct flight) & ends 8 weeks later in Rome! What happens in between is up to us! 

The red stars are places we would like to visit, but nothing is set in stone. I would love to hear any travel advice, places we need to visit, places to stay, or any general tips to share! 

I even started a Honeymoon Board on Pinterest, if anyone wants to "collaborate" let me know! We would love to hear your recommendations for our trip!
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