Trinity Episcopal Cathedral :: 1961 :: Denhart - Gilmore Wedding

 Trinity  Episcopal Cathedral :: December 30, 1961 :: Portland, Oregon
 Judy & David Gilmore's Wedding (aka Mom & Dad)

 In preparation for my own wedding this summer, I have been pawing through my Parent's Wedding Album (Yes, more images from the family vault). Rob and I will be married at Trinity too & I have been looking for ways to incorporate their service into ours. 

I love the Douglas Fir Trees that they used to decorate the Cathedral - so regal & joyous.  I hope I can convince the Flower Guild to let us do trees.   Since our Wedding is in late June,  I would like to decorate the Cathedral with Birch trees or something 'leafy' like the English Royal Wedding last spring. 

I absolutely loved the trees that lined West Minister Abbey when William & Kate got married. Catherine of Cambridge (née Kate Middleton) has amazing taste, no? 

 Might as well make a statement & I can't imagine anything more romantic then 'putting down roots' after the Wedding.

I  will also be wearing the same white gloves my mother wore on her wedding day. Needless to say "they fit like a glove'.

I would wear this outfit any day of the week! Bravo, to my Chic Mother (a tender 20 years old here). And yes, we still have the facinator hat!
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