The Kindness of Strangers :: Deep Thoughts

It is officially fall in Portland. The trees are turning rich colors of red, yellow & orange. The morning air is refreshingly cool & crisp. I love the fall. It is the best time of year at our flower market, where the local farms are harvesting amazing product: rose hips, berries of all kinds, corn stocks, you name it they have it. This is such a magical time of year, I have to remind me myself to slow down and take note. 

Fortunately for me I had a funny reminder this week that I need to slow down a bit. Walking back from the grocery store loaded down with three heavy bags of food, I fell down. I could have slipped on a banana the way I went down. 

I was walking down Burnside, which if you are familiar with Portland, is one of the busiest streets we have. After I went down, I had to have a little laugh.  Nothing bruised but a little pride.  

Next thing I know, a man gets out of his car to help me up and see if I was okay. He was just waiting for the light to change and saw the whole thing (along with like 30 other people). I was flabbergasted and said my thanks. He quickly got back into his car before the light turned green. 

Nice people make the world go round. I felt like hugging the world after that. 

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