I am restless: I want to do a hundred million things all at once, but the best I can do at present is make sure we have clean laundry in the house. It's finals week & I am happy that the term is coming to a close, but my battery is running on low.

I have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to my nephew Thomas lately & I don't know if it the constant rereads, but I am starting to relate to the story: Elizabeth ate through 13 credits but she was still hungry. . .

I wish that I was at the tummy ache part of the story - you know - right before he makes his cocoon (I could use the rest & wouldn't mind coming out the other side a butterfly). Alas, I am at the beginning of my tale - this caterpillar is hungry & impatient.

I could finish my degree in Winter of 2012, true enough, but I do not think that the required amount of credits is sufficient to get me where I want to go. I ought to be a better artist, know more about HTML,  be able to draw something that resembles the notions in my head,  create elegantly scrolling calligraphy & be able to draw out intricate decals as vector art. I am explaining this to my adviser - telling her why I need these 'extra' credits on my roster & she is incredulous. In the end I tell her: I need these credits because I am not just after a degree (I have made that folly before). I want to bring these lofty notions in my head down to earth.
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