How to make a living succulent wreath

Who doesn't love succulents? They are low maintenance beauties that come in an astonishing array of colors. Succulents can be potted in soil, but they also take root in peat moss. Succulents make the perfect summer time wreath & they are easy to make. 

The materials needed to make a simple succulent wreath:
- peat moss
- floral wire
- wire wreath frame (or supple twigs)
- succulents
- scissors

First, soak your peat moss in water. Then fill a wire frame with the damp peat moss & use floral wire to adhere to frame.  Once the frame is complete, use scissors (or sharp object) to create small holes for the succulents stems. It is best to prep your succulents a day ahead, removing lower petals to add to the stems length (the stem with callus over a bit, which is fine). Wrap floral wire around base of each succulent, place stem in the hole created & wrap wire around the peat moss frame to hold the plant in place (you may also you floral staples to keep the succulents in place until the plant takes root). Place each succulent one at a time & voila you have a beautiful succulent wreath to enjoy. Don't forget to water your beauties (I soak mine in water at least once a week).
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