Nicole Dextras :: Wardrobe Art Collection

  made with crab apples & kale

Aren't these outfits by Nicole Dextras amazing? You know I would wear them in a heart beat! I really love the crab apple/kale number featured above - It just makes me want to do some flamenco dancing! About a year back I was dreaming up an all hydrangea number (similar to the one listed below), but I just didn't have the funds to make it happen.  I was so excited to find Nicole's work, I almost dropped dead on the spot. 

What do you think, would you wear these out on the town? Would your inner Lady Gaga?

 made with hydrangea, laurel & magnolia leaves
made with laurel leaves, ligularia blentata leaves & rose-hips
 made with yucca plant
made with skunk cabbage
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