From the Family Vault :: Tom & Betty Denhart

My Glamorous Grandparents :: Circa 1930 :: Cannon Beach, Oregon

Believe it or not but these Movie Stars are my grandparents: Elizabeth "Betty" Denhart & "Tom" R.F. Denhart.

I was named after Grandma & I can't help taking it is a compliment; I was named after a wickedly smart & funny woman. She is effortlessly beautiful & has always been exceptionally kind to others.  She has read more books than anyone I know (she was a librarian for a long time) & always remembers the title of that book you forget.  From her impeccable sense of style (exhibit a: that swim suit is so en vongue) to her amazing cooking. Grandma is what we refer to as a BLT: she has the brains, the looks, the talent.

Happy Birthday Grandma, I love you.
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