Year of the Rabbit :: 2011

Happy Chinese New Year (lunar new year)!

The Year of the Rabbit is a time to rest, according to Chinese Astrologists. We just finished an action pack year (Tiger :: 2010), this new year is about rest, relaxation & getting things in order. A Rabbit year is a time to prepare for next year, 2012: the year of the Dragon (a very auspicious year full of new opportunities & ventures).  A Rabbit year is more about laying low & preparing for the future.

In regards to Feng Shui, this is a metal hare year. The metal aesthetic is clean & minimalistic. This is a year to get rid of the clutter & live more efficiently. This is a year of rest, yes, but also a time to organize your life. Donating your things (or selling your unused stuff) is very rewarding & this is a good year to do just that. I am a big fan of a ritual cleaning of the home; it feels good to unload your burdens. 

I am firm believer that we relate emotionally to our possessions.  This is not necessary a bad thing: we create spaces that make us feel comfortable & happy. The flip side is a place where you feel negatively about your stuff (& by association yourself). An example? How about a crammed garage &/or basement (filled with things that have not been used or  needed for years).

If this sounds familiar, this does not mean something is wrong with you. You should, however think about why. Why are you holding on to these things? Did you have plans for these things? Do you still? How do you feel when you think about the item, the space? Perhaps you have good reasons for holding on to certain things, but if you have been meaning to do this for years, please visit my earlier post here.
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