Spring Clean

Spring is at our door step & the time honored tradition of cleaning out your abode has arrived (aren't you excited)! I have been feeling it coming on for a while now & I am ready to get this party started. Here are some signs that it is time:

  • when you feel like your storage unit is taunting you,
  • you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear,
  • if you're not even sure what is in that cupboard,
  • if you don't even know where to begin

Never fear, Help is here!

It is a daunting task to reorganize & I recommend that you take your clutter cleanse slow (at first). It is important to have little victories before you tackle the (gulp) basement. Starting small will help keep you motivated. In the past I have made the mistake of going right for the gusto (garage/storage/my own personal hell, etc) & have found myself knee deep in a bigger mess & out of steam.

Don't be like me, let yourself have some success sorting out the little things, before diving into the Le grand mess. Once you have a taste of victory (& experience the benefits of an organized space) you feel energized & ready to take on the next big task. I get a great boost out of donating my unused things, I find the experience immensely satisfying. It is a refreshing way to start the new season, making room for wonderful new things to enter into your life. (& not just the material ones).

If you are looking for additional help &/or motivation I highly recommend the following book:


Many moons ago I discover Karen Kingston's book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, & it has been my Clutter Cleanse Bible every since. She has great tips to get your clutter under control, but best of all she motivates you to actually go through with it & get started.

Let the games begin!

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