R.I.P. Domino

When Domino Magazine closed it's doors last year, I was devastated! I felt like I had been dumped by a good friend! Thankfully, Domino published a book to ease the heartache. I promptly picked one up (last year) & I must say that I am happy to have my old friend back. Here is hoping they will publish again & again. Some of my favorites:

love the charcoal painted walls & pop of color!

This slip-coverd table is my next project, I love the clean elegance!

This room reminds me of my uncle, he had flawless taste.

Inspiration I used for my bathroom; I hung the shower curtain from the ceiling to draw the eye upward & make the space feel bigger (it's a sliver of a room).

P.S. Do you think they would come back if we signed a petition?
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