a light in the attic

no photo credit listed (a shame, this is one of my favorites)

Coastal Living, Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn
Veranda, by Emily Followil, Interior Designer: Jane Marsden

I have been thinking about cozy attic spaces lately. My family is growing exponentially - both my sister & sister in law are pregnant. Why, pray tell does that have me thinking about attics - of all things?

Answer: my parents have a beautiful beach house - which fits the current family size just right (9 in all).

With a thought toward future expansion & the pitter patter of little feet; I look upward at the unused attic space to house the next generation. I imagine this space being a place where the little ones giggle & share secrets. A place that is cozy & will most likely house an adult or two until the children are old enough.

I think these stacked side by side beds would do nicely. What do you think?
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